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What is a Geoff Tompkinson Timelapse & Hyperlapse workshop?
Who is it suitable for?


These workshops are aimed at everyone from the keen amateur stills photographer to the seasoned video professional. They are so much more than just a workshop.

A holiday with new friends in one of the greatest cities in the world.



An intensive hands-on practical course in shooting timelapse, Day to Night transitions & Hyperlapse on location with probably the most experienced timelapse and hyperlapse shooter in the world today.

A classroom course covering every aspect of timelapse from basic principles of the moving image up to multi-pivot-point complex Hyperlapse moves.

A master class After Effects training course specifically targeted at Post Production of day to night and Hyperlapse sequences.

Six months on-line acces to Geoff's 'Timelapse University' including all post production modules and membership of a private Facebook group for ongoing discussions and chat with Geoff and all former attendees.


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What our attendees say:

'The best workshop I have ever been on in my life! We have seen things the normal tourist will never see. The organisation from Geoff and Liz was really perfect! Geoff is a professional, he's a really smart guy and after one hour he was like a friend. If you are interested in timelapse you have to make the workshops from Geoff. He's a really, really good teacher.'
(Michael Geiss - Stills and video professional from Bavaria)

'It's been absolutely fantastic. I don't think Geoff and Liz could have put any more into this course. It's extremely well organised. Geoff's a complete professional. Several of us have already signed up for the next two or three courses. It would have taken me years to learn what I've learned in a few days here with him. I can't wait to get home and start putting all these things into practice.'
(Rufus Collis - Video editor from London)

'Geoff and Liz are a really good team. The content is excellent, access was organised for all the great locations. We've had some really unique viewpoints which has been fantastic. For anybody who wants to learn timelapse and hyperlapse, Geoff is one of the best in the world, a pioneer, he is the guy to go to!'
(Alex Hare - Professional photographer from Canterbury)

'I think Geoff's work is just absolutely amazing - he's given us all his trade secrets, and tips and tricks on many, many different aspects of hyperlapse and timelapse. He's gone through the technical side, the creative side, he's walked us through After Effects. He's arranged special access inside the mosques. It's just been an amazing experience. Geoff and Liz are such a great team.'
(Ranui Young - Marketing Executive from Sydney, Australia)