Time-lapse Workshop with Geoff & Liz Tompkinson

22-28 October 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

+44 (0) 7824 323183

Join multi award winning timelapse artist Geoff Tompkinson and his wife Liz in the wonderful city of Istanbul
for a  five day hands-on workshop with special emphasis on day to night transitions.

Having earned a full-time living shooting exclusively time-lapse all over the world for the last 13 years, Geoff is undoubtedly one of the most experienced time-lapse experts in the world today. His work regularly appears in major Hollywood movies, TV programs, TV advertising, Corporate presentations etc.   




Classroom talks will include:

  • What is timelapse?
  • Why we use DSLR's and not video cameras. What problems this causes and how to deal with them.
  • Use of ND filters and flicker considerations.
  • Typical camera settings - and how to use them to change the look of the shot.
  • RAW v JPEG - the pros and cons of both.
  • Intervalometer settings, calculations and results on the shot.
  • Lock down shots and moving shots. Techniques and considerations.
  • Post production movements, slider movements and moco rigs - The principals, advantages and disadvantages discussed and explained.
  • Day to night transition techniques. Manual method. Bulb ramping method.
  • Post production techniques using Adobe After Effects.
  • Discussion of frame rates, resolution, file formats and codecs.
  • Detailed discussion on the use of the Promote Control Bulb ramping device.
  • Detailed discussion of hyperlapse techniques. The unique problems encountered when using this technique and how to control them.


Practical sessions on location will include:

  • Simple static camera timelapse.
  • Day to night transitions both manual and bulb ramping with Promote Control.
  • Use of shutter speed to control the look of moving crowds, vehicles etc.
  • Demonstration and hands-on of slider movement using Dynamic perception stage 1
  • Demonstration and hands-on of multi axis moco movements using Emotimo Black in conjunction with Rhino Camera Gear slider.
  • Demonstration and hands-on of various hyperlapse techniques.
  • Locations will include: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, crowded squares, waterfront, specific high viewpoints , etc.


What you need to bring:

A sense of humour and a good understanding of English.

A good understanding of your DSLR and an ability to use it in manual mode. You should have a good understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white Balance.

 A DSLR (preferably Canon or Nikon), sturdy tripod, Intervalometer, ND filters for all lenses you plan to use, memory cards, card reader and a laptop and mini hard drive for storage if available. A monopod with ball head would be useful for some of the hyperlapse techniques.

If you are interested in following the hyperlapse post production section of the class your laptop needs to comply with the system requirements for After Effects CC - see https://creative.adobe.com/products/aftereffects

You will also need to install a full or trial version of After Effects CC on your laptop prior to coming on the course. The free trial version is available from the same page https://creative.adobe.com/products/aftereffects

More comprehensive details will be provided after registration.


Workshop Fee:

Early Registration (before 31 March 2014): Euro 1250.00 (approx. UK £1050.00, US $1750.00)

Registration after 1 April 2014: Euro 1350.00 (approx. UK£ 1150.00, US$ 1900.00)

Workshop fee includes hotel accommodation in the center of the old town, breakfast, transfers to/from Ataturk airport, 3 evening meals, local transport, location access, classroom sessions and on-location tuition.

Note: Workshop fee does not include flights to/from Istanbul. When booking your flights you should plan to arrive in Istanbul around midday on the 22nd.


If you would like to sign up for this workshop please e-mail us




Special offers from our sponsors:


Promote Systems will be providing their wonderful bulb ramping intervalometer units - we will probably have 4 of these available for use on the course. They are also offering 10% discount vouchers off the purchase of new units to all who sign up for the workshop.

Emotimo will be providing their superb 'TB3 Black' motion control heads - we will have three for the group to use on the course. They are also offering $100 reduction vouchers off the purchase of new units to all who sign up for the workshop.